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Here’s the latest news:

“The Pink Unicorn” opens in South Carolina this month

Proud Mary Theater Company presents my one-woman show THE PINK UNICORN February 7-16, 2020, in Greenville and Spartanburg.

The play tells the story of a Christian widow in a small Texas town, whose life is upended when her daughter comes out as genderqueer. You can buy tickets and see the schedule HERE

Actor Kelly Davis stars and Anne Tromsness directs.

I have a new story published in The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Volume 6.  

You can order the book here.

“If You Find This, Please Give It To Gretchen Doheny” is featured in this book, along with 23 other wonderful stories by award-winning authors. Monsters! Spaceships! Aliens! Mad scientists!

The book is published by Dreaming Robot Press, which is known for this excellent series.


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