STORIES & MORE (and some free reads!)


FREE READ: The Enchanted Conversation has published one of my new fairytales. “Lucy in the Sky” is a tribute to childhood, dogs and the Beatles, and tells the story of an eight year old girl who matches wits with the Faery Queen.





FREE READ (AND LISTEN): “Raptor Boy”  a YA story about a young man fighting neo-Nazi pagans in a northern Minnesota town, can be found at Cast of Wonders.



 FREE LISTEN: My story “You Go Back,” about a demon set loose in P.T. Barnum’s American Museum, is up at The Gallery of Curiosities, a weird and wonderful fiction podcast. This story also appears in the anthology Strange Tales V, edited by Rosalie Parker.







FREE READ: THE LORELEI SIGNAL published a story of mine about a teenaged girl who finds a beached mermaid. This is a free read. Enjoy!






FREE READ: A flash fiction piece “Heard” appeared in  Metaphorosis Magazine. “Heard” was inspired by the speculative articles and reports earlier this year about cloning baby mammoths. The story also appears in a Metaphorosis anthology, Metaphorosis: Best of 2016, available in paperback and e book.





Shaggy 5 FREE READ: And, if you are a fan of the Oz books you might enjoy this free read over at The Nonbinary Review. The Love Magnet is a modern take on what might have happened to the Shaggy Man of Oz today, if he showed the wrong sort of person his famous magic talisman.






FREE READ: THE ENCHANTED CONVERSATION published one of my fairytales some years ago.  Black Dog tells the tale of a little girl named Violet who encounters the legendary Gurt Dog, of British folklore.


Disturbed Digest has published one of my favorite horror stories “Backwater Saints” is about a failed rock musician and his undead lead singer. You can buy it at the Alban Lake Store.






Nov13Cover-200Another award-winning story, Leonora, can be found at PENUMBRA MAGAZINE.  This is a gaslight fantasy about a fallen angel and a prostitute on Guy Fawkes Night.







If you are looking for short plays, especially for young people, a few of mine appear in ORIGINAL MIDDLE SCHOOL SCENES AND MONOLOGUES, edited by Kent R. Brown



51J8HT5VDSL-330And the AUDITION ARSENAL SERIES, published by Smith and Kraus has two of my monologues included in it.  One–in the Monologues for Women in Their Twenties edition–has a piece from La Llorona and Other Tales of the American Southwest.  The other–in the Monologues for Men in Their Thirties edition–has a piece from a play called The Last Stand of the Comanche Rider.